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Turning new ideas into valuable and valued products and services

Spirit of Creation is a Collaborative Service Design business. We work with multi-talented experts to answer today’s ‘Big Questions’ in particular challenges to do with aging, dementia and the problems for the old caused by disintegrating systems. The speedy onset of rampaging new technologies on both society and business is redefining the place where people and processes meet and connect.

How we work

The Collaborative Service Design collaborative approach is based on a unique and simple four-stage process designed to enable more ‘joined-up’ thinking to establish users’ needs in a process of continuous questioning - Discovery. Using popular and effective group work to Generate a continuous flow of fresh ideas helps the productivity of the teams. Through the innovative use of technology the best potential outcomes are achieved resulting in a well-orchestrated business with implementable specifications designed to meet the evolving demands of real life.

Who we are

Kevin Gavaghan, founder of Spirit of Creation and his core team of service designers engage with specific multi-talented people who are passionate about improving quality, efficiency and better products and services in areas of health, welfare, law, finance and transport as they affect the aging population.

Doing Dementia Differently

From 2012, Kevin Gavaghan, took his vast experience from both the commercial world and his own personal experiences to address the challenge of dementia. Working with volunteers he researched the market; agreed the objectives; organised the work and met with prospective partners to finally bring together a mix of 50 multi-talented people. In early 2014 this group explored how to 'Do Dementia Differently' using the 4-stage collaborative service design approach. Details of the many areas for improvement can be viewed below:


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“How do the cared-for and care-givers equip themselves with the knowledge, skills, tools and solutions to live a better life in dementia?”




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